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I am a writer, blogger, and traveller,  in awe of this life with Jesus. I write because it is my passion and my instrument of worship. Writing is how I connect to my experiences. I blog because I want to connect with you and share those experiences. I have a deep desire to reveal the heart of God through my writings and I would love for you to discover the Heart of the Father with meSo, shall we get acquainted?

Here are a few personal details about me: I love Jesus. Travelling seeped into my DNA at a very young age and I do it every chance I get. I’ll admit, I am a true globetrotter at heart!

I adore my beautiful, fat Siamese cat, Mello (I brought him home to Malaysia with me from Texas, U.S where I briefly lived). I grew up in Malaysia with my older sister and my mum, who have always been my support and my strength in very important ways.

And more recently, God sent another my way and I said I Do! Being married to Jonathan has definitely changed every facet of my life, and more importantly, allowed me to discover the Hand of God in a fresh new way!

Over the years, I’ve learnt the true meaning of community from my extended family in my church, Destiny C3, where I serve on the worship team, write devotions for our social media, and minister in Inner Healing within our Prayer Ministry.

Writing has always been something innate to me but writing about God has changed me in ways I can’t explain! I believe it’s because I have learnt to write with my friend, the Holy Spirit, and this collaboration makes me fall in love with God’s Word a little more every day! I believe in the importance of being a student of the Word – every. – this is my fuel!

I LOVE music and am growing in it a little more every day. My absolute favourite is sunrise worships! Nothing quite like it!

Aside from my blog, I have also occasionally contributed to several Christian publications in Malaysia and the U.S. And on a daily basis, I do communications and writing for a missions organization that serves Mission workers in Asia.  I’ve completed my first book called Sent to Journey – Devotions for the Traveler and I’m currently exploring publishing opportunities.

My second book is a smaller one called GRATEFUL – 7 Day Devotional & Journal, and it is now available for sale right here on my website. 

This Journey of faith constantly pushes us to look inward, upward and outward as we walk through life with God. My personal journey has led me into God’s Heart to experience my Abba in ways I never thought possible. On days when I feel beaten, overwhelmed and simply unable to face life, it’s Him I turn to because time and again, I have relied on my Father’s love to fill me and lift me to my feet.

On days that I simply don’t ‘feel’ Him near, I’ve sought Him in His Word, which pieces me back together and makes me whole. And when things are good and I feel really “connected” to God and my life, He shows me there is more… to what He wants to do in me, through me and for me. More to what He wants to reveal about Himself TO me. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I do, God simply won’t leave me alone. I love that!

So will you join me? Tell me your story… Come and linger here a little longer; hear Him speak. No matter how lost or alone you feel, how broken you are or how far you think God is – I know He will always show up for you because that’s just who He is! You are NEVER alone.

And if you’re at a great place in your journey of faith and in life, then GREAT! Come share your thoughts here too – you can be a blessing and an encouragement to others who need it. Let’s press in for more of God together… let’s journey into the Father’s Heart together – it’s how He wants us to do life!

Walk through my thoughts, stories and devotions with me, and please share yours – I’d love to hear about your journey too. Go ahead and drop me a comment on my contact page or email me:


You can also follow me on: Facebook and Instagram

blessings & love,





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