GRATEFUL – 7 Days with Isaiah 55 – Devotional & Journal [Hardcopy – Malaysia only]

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Take a 7-Day Journey of intimacy and devotions with Isaiah 55 and discover the power of gratitude in your life!

Gratitude guides us to see the goodness of God. When we do, we will find the hand of God and contentment in every circumstance. Philippians 4:6 encourages us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Why?

Because gratitude brings restoration; in the midst of turbulent storms, gratitude blows the winds of peace.

On a physical level, gratitude unleashes a wave of positive changes to our body and mind. Research in neuroscience reveals that gratitude helps us let go of toxic emotions, reduces pain, improves sleep quality, regulates stress, and reduces anxiety and depression.

Grateful is an invitation to intimacy. This 7-Day Devotional on Isaiah 55 calls you to intentionally seek God for more of Him with a heart of gratitude. Within these pages, you will find:

  • Intimate daily devotions to reflect on
  • Introspective prayer of thanksgiving to release
  • Interactive journal questions to dig deeper

If you sense a stirring in your soul to take one step closer to Jesus, Grateful is the perfect devotional to guide you deeper into God’s Word. What you hold in your hand is your resolute response to walk towards Jesus’ everlasting invitation to “Come…” – this devotional will turn your gaze towards Jesus in total gratitude like never before.



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5 thoughts on “GRATEFUL – 7 Days with Isaiah 55 – Devotional & Journal [Hardcopy – Malaysia only]

  1. This has been a simple yet meaningful read. I loved the short reflections and journal questions that made me spend more time with God! Loved the prayers in this book!

  2. I thank God for many Devotional Books
    This Devotional Book of Isaiah, my all time favourite Book in the old testament gives me peace, hope and joy.
    My thoughts come alive as I reflect on the ONE who died for me.
    Simple devotion, yet so profound.

  3. When I read this devotional book, God really spoke to me through each chapter of Isaiah 55 and it’s reflection written by the author. I was looking for answers to my questions and I have found it because of this book. I am so thankful to God for this GRATEFUL devotional by Suzane Christie.

  4. Brilliant and very timely book!
    RE-reading Isaiah 55 after reading this devotional and prayer & it now reads like a personal letter of promise from God. Amazing revelations of the Father’s heart! Can’t wait for the next devotional from you Suzane.

  5. A great book for a chance of changing a negative mindset into a positive one. Beautiful and heart-changing prayers. For a new way of living for Christ, this is the book you want.

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