Are you a traveler?

Discover the Father’s Heart for every traveler with  30 Promises from the Book of Isaiah…


Are you a traveler? Do you often spend time journeying from one place to another – either for work, pleasure, ministry or even family vacations? Would you like to know what promises God’s Word holds for travelers?

If you do, then Sent to Journey is the devotional you want to travel with. Within these pages you will find:

  • Intimate daily reflections
  • Interactive journal questions
  • Introspective prayers

Sent to Journey will take you on a personal voyage with God, even as you travel your own path. Using 30 verses from the Book of Isaiah, Sent to Journey will walk you across the rich landscape of God’s Word and promises, with nuggets of wisdom from the experiences of the Prophets, Apostles, and travelers in Scripture.

Sent to Journey will not only change the way you travel but also transform your walk with God, as you discover new ways to commune and journey with Jesus.


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