So glad you are here :)Here's a lil' something about me.

I am a "self-taught" artist (meaning, no art school but learned from a global array of talented artists, books and good ol' fashion experimentation). I recently made the transition from a full-time job as a writer to a full-time artist! Yay me:)

At heart, I love oil paints and more realistic art - it's where I started my art journey - but eventually, I got my hands smeared with abstract fluid art and fell insanely in love. Still experimenting to make the two styles and mediums meet...

I find abstract art exciting because it opens up a whole wide world of coloring 'outside the box' and pushing the boundaries of your canvas, and imagination.

I am fuelled by the very process of creativity and I consider abstract art, especially Acrylic Pouring, an ideal medium to foster peace in our mental health and to help people overcome anxiety. It allows you the freedom to explore and experiment far beyond the norms of traditional art; a medium that truly coaxes you to let go!

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Hey I'm Suzane!